Shroom Brothers’ FAQs: Illuminating Your Queries

πŸ„ When can I expect my delivery?

Our standard delivery windows are from 10AM to 8PM, every day from Monday to Sunday. But for those night owls out there, we’ve got you covered with our late-night deliveries from 8PM to 10PM. Do note that late-night deliveries come with a 30% higher delivery rate.

πŸ„ Do I need a medical card to order?

Freedom’s the word! No medical marijuana card is required. Just ensure you’re 21 or older.

πŸ„ How can I pay for my mystic journey?

We currently accept Bitcoin and Paypal. Please have the exact amount as our drivers don’t carry change.

πŸ„ What ID should I show?

Any up-to-date, government-issued identification is welcome, be it a Driver License or a Passport.

πŸ„ I’ve got a delivery window from 2P-2:30P. When should I be ready?

Aim to be present right at 2P. This helps our drivers stay punctual. You’ll receive a text when they’re about 10-15 minutes away.

πŸ„ Oops, running a bit late. Now what?

No stress! We understand how unpredictable life (and traffic) in and around Washington DC can be. Just send us a quick text with your new estimated time of arrival, so our drivers can optimize their routes.

πŸ„ My driver seems delayed. What could be the reason?

Typically, delays arise from:
High Order Volumes: Occasionally, a surge of orders can cause minor delays. We always keep you updated on ETAs in such cases.
Traffic Woes: Even the best drivers might take a wrong turn now and then. If this happens, we ensure you’re in the loop.
Waiting for Customers: If a driver’s unsure about a customer’s timing, they typically wait for 5-10 minutes before moving on. Extended waiting times can sometimes impact subsequent deliveries.
Effective communication is our mantra, ensuring minimized wait times for everyone. A missed timeline isn’t a missed order; just keep us posted!

πŸ„ Where should we meet for the delivery?

If you’re unsure, we’ve got suggestions! Share your current location with our dispatcher, and they’ll provide an easy and safe meetup point. Feel free to ask when you reach out to us.

πŸ„ How long until I receive my order?

Usually, it’s a swift 1-3 days post confirming your order. Depending on your location, we’ll coordinate and communicate the delivery time with you.

πŸ„ What if I order outside your delivery hours?

No worries! Your order will be securely queued and prioritized for dispatch the very next day.

πŸ„ Can I tip the delivery drivers?

Absolutely! Our drivers do appreciate cash tips. Have a favorite driver? Feel free to request them.

πŸ„ Do you deliver to cafes, hotels, and restaurants?

Yes, indeed! As long as it’s outside Federal or government territories, our driver will safely get your order to you. Just remember, they always stay within their vehicle for deliveries.

πŸ„ Will the driver come up to my car?

Safety first! The driver will always contact you before any meetup, ensuring you’re aware of who to expect and which vehicle they’re in. Please, only interact with someone after receiving a call or text. Never lower your window to an unverified individual.

πŸ„ Is there a delivery charge?

Shroom Brotherz works in collaboration with a third-party delivery service. The fair donation rate stands at $20 during standard hours and $30 post 8PM. This donation goes directly to our dedicated drivers, who operate independently and aren’t our direct employees.

πŸ„ What if my order has missing or incorrect products?

It’s essential to verify your order’s content with the driver upon delivery. Should anything be amiss, the driver will instantly notify our office. Denying this check means you’re relinquishing your right to any replacements for missing items later. If there are missing pieces, they’ll be dispatched with the next available driver. For those a bit farther away, we’ll reschedule a delivery for any incorrect or missing items at no extra cost.

πŸ„ What about defective products?

For Batteries and Cartridges: Ensure you test these with the driver upon delivery. If you want to claim a free exchange due to a malfunction, the test should be conducted during the initial delivery. If a fault is confirmed, an immediate exchange will be arranged. You can opt out of the driver’s testing offer, but be aware that this might void any future exchange or return opportunities.

πŸ„ Is there a warranty on my order?

Certainly! If your order’s value hits or exceeds $200.00, we delightfully provide free delivery insurance. This ensures that should any hiccup arise with your order, we’ll reship it without any extra charges to you. For orders below $200, a small delivery insurance fee is required to guarantee your package.

πŸ„ How can I apply for a refund?

Easy-peasy! Should you wish for a refund or product exchange, simply reach out within 72 hours from the time your package is deemed delivered. Ping our friendly customer service through the quick chat button below, providing your phone number, email address, and order ID. We’re here to help!

πŸ„ Do you offer international shipping?

Indeed, we do! We offer international shipping for select products. Our trusted shipping partners, such as UPS, FEDEX, TNT, DHL, and more, ensure your order reaches you promptly. Typically, international shipping takes between three to five days to the destination country. With customs processing upon arrival, it’s always a good idea to place international orders well in advance of when you’ll need them.