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  • THC Party Mix Gummies by Bliss

    THC Party Mix Gummies By Bliss


    Want to try something new when you smoke weed? Bliss’s Party Mix Gummies are the best of all worlds when it comes to taste, strength, and usefulness. These treats are made with 100% natural THC that comes from weed. They will quickly become your new favorite way to get high.

  • THC Tropical Gummies by Bliss

    THC Tropical Gummies By Bliss


    You would never guess that some of the world’s best cannabis cooks are busy making gummies with a tropical flavour. In fact, that’s exactly what’s happening with these Tropical gummies that contain THC.

  • Tri-Colour Equadorian Chocolates

    Tri-Colour Equadorian Chocolates


    If you want to buy shroom chocolate bars online, you should know that they don’t taste like normal chocolate bars. But one thing that will surprise you is how strong it is. How strong its affects are and what the experience is like. Also, just because Tri-Colour Equadorian comes in this tasty food form doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect a dreamy trip.

  • Trippy flip milk chocolate bar

    Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate Bar


    Some of the best psilocybin extract, cannabis, and quality milk chocolate are used to make the trippy flip milk chocolate bar. Made to take you to the high stars without leaving you with a taste of cannabis or shrooms! Whether you want to try a small amount of the new trend while keeping calm. To get to flow states or to open the curtains and see heaven is another reason. Trippy Flip candies with psilocybin and cannabis are the way!

  • Trippy Treats Magic shrooms chocolate bars

    Trippy Treats Magic Shrooms Chocolate Bars


    Trippy Treats Magic Shrooms chocolate bars are the best psilocybin chocolate bars on the market because they are made by taking the psilocybin out of mushrooms. It gives a much more pure high and doesn’t give people the stomachaches they get from digesting mushrooms. With our extraction technology, the chocolate bars are in a class by themselves, and the whole thing is much safer. Our product is free of any impurities and has a more accurate dose. It has been shown to significantly reduce stress and depression, improve focus, and speed up brain cell growth. Please be careful to start slowly and in a safe setting, and do not drive a car while using this product.

    • 4G Magic mushroom chocolate bar
    • Contains 12 Pieces – 33 G for each piece
    • Dossage Recommendations
    • Micro-dose:1/2 – 1
    • Mild Trip: 6 pieces
    • Deep Trip: 12 pieces
    • Made in California
  • Wavy bar chocolate mushroom

    Wavy Bar Chocolate Mushroom


    You can now buy the Wavy Bar Chocolate Mushroom at Shroom Brotherz. It is one of the best Psilocybin chocolate bars on the market right now. The chocolate in these bars is organic, vegan, and seal-marked by the USDA. Before adding the mushrooms, they got the chocolate approved on its own. Synthetic psilocybin is in the chocolate mushroom bars.

    100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and allergy-friendly. The whole bar has 3.5g of shrooms, and it’s broken up into six pieces so that you can pick the right amount for you. The bars aren’t too big, but they still have a good amount of sugar in them! With other chocolate bars, you have to eat a lot of them to get a good dose, which can be hard. The wavy bar dose is more realistic. Aside from that, its small size makes it easy to carry around with you.

  • Wonder bar by canna banana

    Wonder Bar By Canna Banana


    You can now buy Wonder Bar by Canna Banana at Shroom Brotherz. We are all aware that it is the best. Canna Banana makes a psilocybin chocolate bar that you can buy. Also, using a Wonderbar gives you a much cleaner high. Also, it gets rid of the upset stomach feeling that people usually get when they digest mushrooms. The Wonder bar is also in a class of its own thanks to Canna Banana’s extraction technology. Wonder bars don’t have any extraneous ingredients and are dosed more correctly. Canna banana goods have been shown to make people less stressed and depressed, help them concentrate better, and help brain cells grow. Just to remind you, start slowly and in a safe place. Of course, you shouldn’t drive a car while using this product.

  • Wonder Bar VEGAN psilocybin chocolate

    Wonder Bar Vegan Psilocybin Chocolate


    As you know, Wonder Bar VEGAN psilocybin chocolate, the best psilocybin chocolate bar on the market, is made by taking the psilocybin out of mushrooms. This gives people a much more pure high and doesn’t give them the stomach problems that come with digesting mushrooms. The Wonder bar, on the other hand, is made with our separation technology, which makes it much safer, free of any impurities, and more accurately dosed. Also, our product has greatly lowered worry and depression, improved focus, and sped up the growth of brain cells. Be careful: start slowly in a safe place and don’t drive a car while using this product.

  • Zoomies Gummies

    Zoomies Gummies


    Are you ready for the next level of magic mushrooms? Zoomies Gummies are made by Icarus. There are 12 sweets in a pack, and each one has 250 mg of psilocybin, for a total of 3000 mg. So, if that’s what you want, you can use them for microdosing. If not, there are enough gummies in the pack to get you high for a few rounds. Because there isn’t much psilocybin in each gummy, it’s easy for first-timers to control their amounts and trips. At Shroom Brotherz, you can now buy psychedelic sweets.