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  • Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bars

    Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bars


    Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bars Have you ever wished mushrooms tasted better? We’re here to grant that wish by bringing you our Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bar. This bar is tasty, irresistible also, contains a total of 3.5g of Magic Mushrooms ( 6 grams per chocolate square).

  • Trippy Treats Magic shrooms chocolate bars

    Trippy Treats Magic Shrooms Chocolate Bars


    Trippy Treats Magic Shrooms chocolate bars are the best psilocybin chocolate bars on the market because they are made by taking the psilocybin out of mushrooms. It gives a much more pure high and doesn’t give people the stomachaches they get from digesting mushrooms. With our extraction technology, the chocolate bars are in a class by themselves, and the whole thing is much safer. Our product is free of any impurities and has a more accurate dose. It has been shown to significantly reduce stress and depression, improve focus, and speed up brain cell growth. Please be careful to start slowly and in a safe setting, and do not drive a car while using this product.

    • 4G Magic mushroom chocolate bar
    • Contains 12 Pieces – 33 G for each piece
    • Dossage Recommendations
    • Micro-dose:1/2 – 1
    • Mild Trip: 6 pieces
    • Deep Trip: 12 pieces
    • Made in California
  • Wavy bar chocolate mushroom

    Wavy Bar Chocolate Mushroom


    You can now buy the Wavy Bar Chocolate Mushroom at Shroom Brotherz. It is one of the best Psilocybin chocolate bars on the market right now. The chocolate in these bars is organic, vegan, and seal-marked by the USDA. Before adding the mushrooms, they got the chocolate approved on its own. Synthetic psilocybin is in the chocolate mushroom bars.

    100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and allergy-friendly. The whole bar has 3.5g of shrooms, and it’s broken up into six pieces so that you can pick the right amount for you. The bars aren’t too big, but they still have a good amount of sugar in them! With other chocolate bars, you have to eat a lot of them to get a good dose, which can be hard. The wavy bar dose is more realistic. Aside from that, its small size makes it easy to carry around with you.