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  • buy Jolly mushroom gummies

    Jolly Mushroom Gummies


    10 x 200mg pieces with magic mushrooms in them. Feel waves of energising and joyful sensations while you’re high on happiness!
    Right now you can get three different kinds at Shroom Brotherz. It’s called Strawberry Envy, Albino Grape, and Mango Meanie.

  • Psilo – Psilocybin Mushroom Gummy Cubes 3.5g

    Psilo – Psilocybin Mushroom Gummy Cubes 3.5g


    PSILO can help you use your mind to its fullest. microdosing, which is another name for sub-perceptual amounts. focuses on the brain’s pathways to improve cognitive function, sharpen focus, and boost imagination. Many people think of it as a productivity hack that makes you smarter and more productive at work. and always be ahead of the curve. Get more out of your daily life by getting into your “flow state” and improving your mood and ability to think deeply.

  • Zoomies Gummies

    Zoomies Gummies


    Are you ready for the next level of magic mushrooms? Zoomies Gummies are made by Icarus. There are 12 sweets in a pack, and each one has 250 mg of psilocybin, for a total of 3000 mg. So, if that’s what you want, you can use them for microdosing. If not, there are enough gummies in the pack to get you high for a few rounds. Because there isn’t much psilocybin in each gummy, it’s easy for first-timers to control their amounts and trips. At Shroom Brotherz, you can now buy psychedelic sweets.