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  • PSI Chocolate Chocolate Bar

    PSI Chocolate Chocolate Bar


    When gushers are trying out medicated fruit treats. First, try a small amount, like one or two pieces. Then, wait up to an hour to see how beneficial it is. So, make up your mind if you want to eat more airheads foods. Psilocybin chocolate treats have different effects on different people in Virginia. How much you can handle does matter, as does your body weight and energy.

  • Trippy flip milk chocolate bar

    Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate Bar


    Some of the best psilocybin extract, cannabis, and quality milk chocolate are used to make the trippy flip milk chocolate bar. Made to take you to the high stars without leaving you with a taste of cannabis or shrooms! Whether you want to try a small amount of the new trend while keeping calm. To get to flow states or to open the curtains and see heaven is another reason. Trippy Flip candies with psilocybin and cannabis are the way!

  • Wonder bar by canna banana

    Wonder Bar By Canna Banana


    You can now buy Wonder Bar by Canna Banana at Shroom Brotherz. We are all aware that it is the best. Canna Banana makes a psilocybin chocolate bar that you can buy. Also, using a Wonderbar gives you a much cleaner high. Also, it gets rid of the upset stomach feeling that people usually get when they digest mushrooms. The Wonder bar is also in a class of its own thanks to Canna Banana’s extraction technology. Wonder bars don’t have any extraneous ingredients and are dosed more correctly. Canna banana goods have been shown to make people less stressed and depressed, help them concentrate better, and help brain cells grow. Just to remind you, start slowly and in a safe place. Of course, you shouldn’t drive a car while using this product.