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This is N-dimethyltryptamine. 5-MeO DMT is a psychedelic that isn’t very well known. It is mostly associated with the tryptamine class of entheogens. 5-MeO DMT can be found in many plant species and in the poison of one type of psychoactive toad, Bufo Alvares.
There is an entheogen that has been used by South American shamans, just like its close relatives DMT and bufotenin. 5-MeO DMT is mostly made these days in the form of a manufactured powder.

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8 reviews for 5-MeO DMT

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    blake miller

    The product is perfect!

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    I have tried these many times. Most of my friends use these as their go-to as well. Never a bad trip. Always a good time. You will laugh your head off and enjoy it without a doubt. As someone else said, they are old faithful for sure.

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    10/10 Great product, I like to use this when watching movies at home, does not stink the house up. Great when you need to be low-key about your consumption. Great uplifting head high (depending on strain)

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    Very hard-hitting DMT. Hit my banger on a straight shooter and was blasted for 4 hours. Very very hitting body high. The taste and smell were amazing. Best shatter I’ve ever tried 10/10 Will purchase it again.

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    I used this to get my days started and I gotta say, had about .5 grams per use and it left me feeling calm and put me in a cheerful mood. Helped me get through my work days. They kick in faster than some shrooms I’ve had before. Definitely would purchase again, but in a higher quantity. Thanks for a great product Shroom Brotherz!

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    Great quality… I tried 0.8 and the music was very intense.. a trippy moment..!

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    These mushies have been hugely beneficial and impactful to my quality of life as I’ve struggled navigating many difficulties resulting from the pandemic. Consistent in quality and effect, properly dried and earthy tasting – I’ve enjoyed experiences as simple as positive mood boosts, but also have confronted sources of anxiety and been able to reconnect with my loved ones. These are excellent!

  8. Your Alt Text


    These are consistently comforting and exciting. They present feelings of strong warmth and fulfillment as well as a very gripping feeling of internal comfort. The come-up can vary in time depending on how full your stomach was (and what was in it). If you’re looking for a more powerful boost from the same dose, let it soak in lemon for 45 minutes to an hour. The supply from Shroom Brotherz is the best price, quality, and consistency. Their discrete packaging and airtight containers ensure that your DMT are in good condition. Enjoy!

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