Polka Dot Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

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Chocolate that will make you want to face your day or turn it into an adventure Polkadot Mushroom Belgian Chocolate Couverture, depending on how you take it. It tastes great and has the same amount of Psilocybin and Psilocin as 4 grams of psychedelic mushrooms. So, besides the full-on high you get from eating a lot of chocolate, these are good for people who like to take small amounts of drugs.*** You can eat one square at a time, and the chocolate hides the taste of the mushrooms. Now on sale at Shroom Brotherz since Washington, DC no longer prosecutes people who use magic mushrooms.


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So, you may be wondering, where’s the best place to buy magic mushroom chocolate bars online? Polka Dot has you covered. With its wide selection of flavors, including peanut butter, cookies and cream, and salted caramel, you’re sure to find your psychedelic bliss in every bite. When it comes to buying magic mushroom chocolate bars online, security and quality are of utmost importance. That’s why we only partner with trustworthy online shops that ensure fast delivery and exceptional customer service.

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Ultimate Psychedelic Bliss with Polka Dot Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Get ready to enter a world of psychedelic bliss with the unbeatable combination of Polka Dot magic mushroom chocolate bars. The unique blend of flavors not only satisfies your taste buds but also offers an experience like no other. These bars are perfect for indulging in a trippy adventure with your friends or for self-discovery.

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Opting for these treats online guarantees to be a budget-friendly option, Shroom Brotherz offers affordable prices and hassle-free delivery. You can enjoy the delicious taste of Polka Dot magic mushroom chocolate bars without breaking the bank.

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So, get your hands on a Polka Dot magic mushroom chocolate bar today and embark on a mystical journey you won’t forget!

Swift and Convenient Delivery of Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Customers can now enjoy the convenience of ordering magic mushroom chocolate bars online and having them delivered right to their doorstep. With reliable delivery services, customers can get their hands on these unique treats quickly and without any hassle.

Orders for magic mushroom chocolate bars can be placed at any time of the day or night, and delivery services are available seven days a week. This means that customers can get their hands on these treats whenever they want, without having to worry about store hours or closures. With just a few clicks of a button, customers can order their magic mushroom chocolate bars online and receive them within a matter of days.

Ordering magic mushroom chocolate bars online for delivery is a safe and discreet option for customers who value their privacy. Online vendors use secure platforms that ensure the safety and security of all customer data and transactions. Customers can also choose to pay for their orders using Bitcoin, a secure and private payment method that adds an extra layer of security to the purchasing process.

Buy Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars Online with Bitcoin for Added Security

For customers who prioritize their online security, buying Polka Dot magic mushroom chocolate bars online with Bitcoin is a viable option. At Shroom Brotherz,we accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment with other payment methods as well.

Using Bitcoin for purchases provides enhanced privacy and security, as it eliminates the need to share sensitive personal information. Additionally, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, ensuring that customers do not have to worry about chargebacks or other fraudulent activities.

When shopping at Shroom Brotherz,an online magic mushroom chocolate bar shop, customers can select Bitcoin as a payment option during checkout. They will then receive a payment address and a QR code that they can use to complete the transaction.

Overall, purchasing Polka Dot magic mushroom chocolate bars online with Bitcoin provides added security and privacy to customers, ensuring a seamless purchasing experience. Explore online magic mushroom chocolate bar shops that accept Bitcoin to enjoy a blissful psychedelic experience.

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19 reviews for Polka Dot Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

  1. blank

    martin jolivet

    buzz intense, je recommande la moitié du gummy pour les debutant

  2. blank

    James M.


  3. blank

    Andrew R.

    Very good. I use them to refine the dose with the 2000mg size

  4. blank


    Shared it with a few friends for a microdose and super nice vibes!

  5. blank


    This one is absolutely hits different!!
    So i was in the living room when I decided to eat it, it wasn’t my first time with mushrooms so i was like no worries i took it all in one bite and 35-40mins boom!!

  6. blank


    It was my first time trying shrooms, and the experience was great. Highly recommend. Good quality

  7. blank


    Delivery was quick (3 days) and arrived in the mailbox, just like any regular mail. I bought 60 for my son (25 y.o.)… he suffers from anxiety, OCD, insomnia, and depression but doesn’t want to seek help. After searching for months, trying to find a way to help him, He finally agreed to try microdosing, but first, he had to gradually stop his antidepressants. He started 3 days ago with “Neuro”, so it’s difficult to evaluate. So far, says he feels that he has more energy, that he didn’t suffer any panic attacks from anxiety, and sleeps more. So he will try the 5 days on / 2 days off therapy and hopefully feel much better after a month or two. We’ll then be able to give a better evaluation for your records.

  8. blank


    Amazing!! Very comfortable and very psychedelic

  9. blank


    Always a hoot with Polkadot Chocolate Bars! My first time with these, I experienced altered sensory perception and slight hallucinogenic effects. Now when I take em, after 5 trips total, I feel good n giggly!

  10. blank


    Exactly as described.

  11. blank


    Unreal! Love how introspective you become. My experiences have been filled with joy – ordering more rn lolol

  12. blank


    Awesome body feeling, and great closed-eyed, and open-eye visuals😃

  13. blank


    I use golden teachers for microdosing and they work wonderfully. I take them in .15 and .3 denominations. The smaller dose works well for me when I’m working, charting out music, or working physically in my yard. The .3 I take to “party,” mostly gets me in a nice mood with minimal change in perception, however just enough to have fun and love a little more. I played music till sunrise with a .3 every couple of hours and didn’t get sleepy at all. Classic strain with great reliable effects. Always in my regular rotation! Will repurchase more when it’s in stock!

  14. blank


    Good quality/freshness. Very affordable and easy to track during the delivery process. The prices are really good, frequent clients already…

  15. blank


    Probably my favorite shrooms. The description is spot on, 10/10 recommend it.

  16. blank


    These are the chocolates of all chocolates! I tried these and was thrilled by their invigorating effect. Microdosing is the way for these and provides a playful relaxedness. I shared these with my friends who have had negative times with mushrooms and their interest was renewed! I swear by these and don’t look elsewhere anymore because these give me all I want from the experience.

  17. blank


    Super easy to order and fast shipping, the product is great!

  18. blank


    Great! Simply great!!

  19. blank


    Purchasing for the 2nd time. Very good product Lots of giggles. No hallucinations

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