Albino A+ Magic Mushrooms 1 Ounce

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The A+ strain of magic mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis A+) is related to the Albino A+ strain, which is also very famous. This strain came about when Albino A+ was grown in more natural sunlight. The “Albino” part was taken out, and the mushrooms now have light golden caps. A+ Shrooms look about the size of a coin and have a slightly shiny colour. The caps are caramel-colored, but not quite brown.


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14 reviews for Albino A+ Magic Mushrooms 1 Ounce

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    Frederick D

    Good quality product, fast chipping.
    Well done guys

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    These work great! Such a relaxing feeling that kept up over time. Definitely recommend micro-dosing.
    I highly recommended these to other friends who needed a release. They appreciated my recommendation and were very happy with this product as well.

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    Always a good time with Golden Teachers. Great price and the experiences I get are confounding.

  4. blank


    This is bussin on gawd

  5. blank


    Amazing quality. I purchased some for microdosing purposes, took 0.2 of a gram and was feeling amazing and well stimulated, nicely focused and lots of euphoria! Thanks Shroom Brotherz!!

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    Definitely takes a few attempts to get dosing right, smaller than 1g seems useless for any real visuals, but start low and go slow as always. Good stuff!

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    I enjoyed these, took some tries to find the right dose. Maybe start with a gram for a chill buzz see how you feel and add more next time. 3 grams was pretty good, but the smell is hard to take. I just ground it and mixed it into Jello to mask the taste and make it easier to eat.

  8. blank


    Good product, I recommended my friend to order it as well

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    My Fiancé and I had these and made a tea with them as we wanted to have a stronger experience after having shrooms a few times in the past. We used about 2.5g in each tea. You couldn’t taste they were really in the tea. We both had very nice visuals and some good laughs watching cartoons. Although my fiance took more after the tea than what he was used to and got a little freaked out(close to 5g). I would definitely recommend this strain they are strong but mellow! 😊🍄

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    A couple of weeks ago a friend and I wanted to have a good weekend and decided what better way to do that than with some shrooms! I got to say this product has been the best I’ve tried in a long time. Highly recommend it!

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    Had a fantastic experience and am definitely buying more!

  12. blank


    I have only recently begun experiencing with microdosing and I wanted to do a good deal of research before I did. I found this one to be an absolutely perfect starter and 3.5 grams lasted me for a decent number of enjoyable evenings. Going to be again absolutely!

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    I really liked the trip from these. They were very enjoyable

  14. blank


    Best mushroom strain, I have encountered

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