Golden Teacher Mushrooms (1 Ounce)

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Golden Teachers is a  strain of psilocybe cubensis is a one-of-a-kind type of mushroom. Despite it recently emerged as a magic mushroom strain in the 1980s. It does not have a fast growth rate as compared to many other psilocybin cubensis strains.


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17 reviews for Golden Teacher Mushrooms (1 Ounce)

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    Dennis Easton

    Great high but I’d pick Penis Envy first.

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    I love golden teachers. They are what I started microdosing with, back in 2018, and are very gentle and when I started dosing, helped incredibly with my mood and energy levels. I have never taken more than 200 mg at a time so I couldn’t say what the high is, but as gentle medicine they are excellent!

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    These have made a world of difference in my mental health game. Golden teachers are so mild; as the name suggests, they will teach you something about yourself (if you desire).

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    Golden teacher. This has my best friend and I happily lying in the grass on a rainy day. You feel calm, insightful, and happy. It’s literally impossible to be stressed consuming this guy. Love her. I’m going to buy it again

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    First time ordering… an awesome product with fast delivery I will order again for sure !!!

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    Great spiritual and visual mushrooms! I did have a headache the morning after but that was likely due to overestimating my dose. Still worth it!

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    I love this product, took it multiple times, and initiated many friends to mushroom with it. It’s my go-to for micro-dosing, always lots of laughs with a good feeling mentally and physically. I recommend it 10/10 lots of fun 😁

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    I bought these on recommendation from a Reddit forum. Golden Teachers from Shroom Brotherz are great for beginners and vets alike, so this also drew me in. Ordering was simple and shipped in 2 business days (3 since including Christmas). Having tripped on shrooms in the past and having a negative experience, I look forward to microdosing these due to anxiety. Also, they were on sale when I bought them so the price was quite tantalizing. Another thing that intrigued me was the $20 for new members. Including the sale, I got a crazy good deal on my shrooms paying only just over $100 including shipping for my ounce. I would suggest buying in bulk to save yourself some money. Shroom Brotherz is legendary for discreet and fast shipping. My order hasn’t arrived yet, so I anxiously await its arrival :). Also, take advantage of referring new customers to save yourself even more money. Shroom Brotherz is for sure the best deal around!

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    Top notch as always. Great visuals on a 5g trip. Would recommend. Also used some to make capsules which turned out very well. Will buy again

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    Golden teachers are a great entry-level shroom. For an experienced psychonaut, I don’t know if I’d recommend them. Mild taste, so the process of choking them down isn’t as bad. I found that they didn’t peak as hard as I enjoy, and the effects were mild compared to what I am used to. Good quality product, but not what I was looking for. As always shipping was discrete, tight, neat, and expedient. All around good shroom, but not worth your money if you are looking for a heavy hitter.

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    These are a great beginner/intro mushroom. Mild and easy to take – didn’t experience any nausea at a test dose of 1g. I think I would have to take a pretty high dose of these to reach elevated psychedelic experiences. For me, Blue Meanies and Makilla at a 1g dose produce great visuals and euphoria, whereas GT is a chill session that is relaxing.

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    Not as strong but is very smooth

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    I love these! I’ve used Golden Teachers a few times and experienced ego death before with a high dose. Each time has been a very spiritual and deep experience, which is exactly what I hope to get out of shrooms. Things usually get wavy and colorful within a half hour for me with these. I don’t mind the taste, but that might be because I just love the taste of mushrooms overall. Highly recommend! 🍄☺️

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    I found Golden Teachers to produce a very “cozy” high, characterized by a mellow euphoria. I took about 2 grams and had some lovely visual and auditory hallucinations while doing some introspection and making important connections. There was some emotional stuff that came up for me, but the warm happy feeling that was in the “background” of everything made it possible to process in a way I found helpful.

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    My absolute favourite of all the varieties! Such a beautifully mellow and euphoric experience. I always feel such a strong spiritual connection to the world and the universe, and it’s like being a kid again with all worries disappearing and everything seeming new and wonderful. Would (and do) recommend to anyone!

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    Can be rough on the stomach if you’re new.
    Made this into a tea with lemon tek for a better experience.

    Full trip lasted about 3 hrs on ~3g

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