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Now available at Shroom Brotherz at a very affordable price. one of the best mushroom chocolates on the market . 4grams of mushroom and good for healing, micro dosing and so mush more


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Welcome to, Shroom Brotherz, the ultimate destination for Awaken Superfood Chocolate enthusiasts – the Awaken Superfood Chocolate online shop. Here, you can explore the wide variety of flavors and varieties available, all made with high-quality ingredients that meet the brand's strict quality standards.

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At Shroom Brotherz, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the highest quality ingredients to create chocolate that is both indulgent and nutritious. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our premium line of chocolates available to buy online.


We go above and beyond to ensure that each ingredient in our premium chocolate line is ethically sourced, sustainably grown, and of the utmost quality. From the single-origin cacao beans to the flavorful superfoods and herbs, we use only the best ingredients to craft truly exceptional chocolate.

Production Processes

Our production processes are equally meticulous. From the tempering and molding of the chocolate to the infusion of superfoods and herbs, our chocolate-making process is carefully designed to create a superior chocolate experience. Every step of the way, we maintain strict quality controls to ensure that each bar meets our exacting standards.

Flavor Combinations

One of the things that sets our premium Awaken Superfood Chocolate apart is our unique flavor combinations. We take classic chocolate flavors and elevate them with the addition of superfoods like maca, turmeric, and spirulina. From the zesty Orange Turmeric bar to the rich and decadent Cacao Nib Crunch, each flavor is a delicious and healthful indulgence.

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12 reviews for Awaken Superfood Chocolate

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    Its strong but thats the only good thing I can say, dosing is impossible with a smaller gummy size than Atomic Wheelchair and they don’t have sectioning lines to help it. The taste isnt what you’d expect and again Atomic wheelchair is better

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    This was absolutely amazing! I took it while on an annoying phone call, 20 minutes later… Time felt so slow I told her I had another call, closed my eyes, and listened to nature’s psychedelic music. I’ve never felt so calm and peaceful before. 10-star rating!

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    J’ai l’habitude de prendre les PE, mais j’ai décidé d’essayer de nouveau chamipgnons, mais cette fois-ci en chocolats. Le gout être très bon, et l’effet est très bien. Il y a moins d’effet visuel que les PE, mais beaucoup plus sur un euphorique.

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    I read through tons of reviews and finally purchased these specific ones . Was blown away by the taste. The best tasting , easily ready edibles I have found. Best way to microdose for anxiety.

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    I was extremely impressed with the quality of these mushrooms, and the bright Gold cap color. This began a wonderfully profound journey into the night and my inner thoughts. It helps me to reset and improve my clarity as well as melt away all my anxiety

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    I am pretty new to mushrooms, so I read a lot about how to microdose and how to start on small amounts. I found these to be an engaging and uplifting experience, and I have been excited about it. I grind them and microdose them a few times a week and just mix them in the powder with a beverage. For the times when I have wanted to dip my toes into what a “trip” would be like, I do the lemon-tek approach. It’s all been pretty great (except for once when I disregarded the importance of “set and setting”). I tried Penis Envy, and it was a bit too strong for me (might try again another time). All in all, I find these mushrooms to be fantastic, and especially for anyone interested in trying mushrooms, these are a great starter if you have properly informed yourself about what doses might work for you.

  7. blank


    Very good

  8. blank


    Good experience, made me feel calm and very grounded!

  9. blank


    Fun and calming effects, lasted 4-6 hours

  10. blank


    Ordered this back in Jan-Mar and I am beyond pleased with the quality of these shrooms. Great baggy, easy to store and the shrooms are well preserved here. No need to use a different storage method. The Awaken Superfood Chocolate was very potent (my fiance and I have low tolerances so take this with a grain of salt) and the trips were all consistent. My order came in extremely quick and tracking information was on point. Would recommend to anyone wanting some of this magnificent substance. 100/10 would shop here again… I actually am shopping as I write this review 😉

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    I haven’t had Chocolate Bars in years. I chose Awaken Superfood Chocolate simply because of the name. They did not disappoint. The only disappointment was from the guys in our group who chose not to participate. They were awesome from taste to impact. I would order them again.

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    These OG gateways into the streams of the subconscious have helped me heal from past traumas I have been holding onto for my whole life. They have increased my aptitude for learning and understanding my mind on a deeper level. They have helped me to fortify my mind and body connection and sent my creativity through the roof and past the moon. The art I have been creating is beyond anything I have ever had the privilege to work on. Safe, reliable, fantastic…dare I say it?…Fungi! If you want to find the true and best version of yourself, these little friendly friends are the way to go.

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