One Up Gummies

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It really does feel like you’re in Mario’s DMZ when you eat these tasty sweets. The high is clean, and the way they work is tasty. You no longer have to suffer while taking shrooms because you can barely taste them! Peaks between 20 and 30 minutes into the show and lasts for up to three hours. People who like psilocybin love the bars because they have bright pictures and make people feel happy and energised at high doses.


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6 reviews for One Up Gummies

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    This one absolutely hits differently!!
    So I was in the living room when I decided to eat it, it wasn’t my first time with mushrooms so I was like no worries I took it all in one bite, and 35-40mins boom!!

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    Kimberly G

    Really good for humor

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    As usual, top-notch quality product from Shroom Brotherz. These are some of my favorite items on the menu and help me immensely with anxiety and depression.

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    I was extremely impressed with the quality of these mushrooms, and the bright Gold color of the cap. This was the beginning of a wonderfully profound journey into the night and my inner thoughts. It helps me to reset and improve my clarity as well as melt away all my anxiety

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    I was scared a bit at first because I’m such a lightweight I thought any strain of shroom might be to powerful for me. But this one is perfect. I find it’s a very calm, wash of warmth high that fuels creativity and focus while still being able to function just fine. I started microdosing it- just a few times a week because I wanted something that might take the edge off my anxiety/depression. And it’s greatly helped my anxiety- I still have the anxious thoughts but instead of them becoming crippling/spiralling nerves into a dark abyss- the shrooms have helped calm them so I don’t absorb them in a negative way and just sorta let them be and pass. So yeah. Good stuff.

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    Only bought a gram since I wasn’t looking for a super high intensity experience and that dosage brought me to the exact level I was looking for. The classic golden mushies never fail to disappoint me

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