Mexican Cubensis Mushrooms 1 Ounce

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Magic mushrooms have been around for a very long time. The Aztecs used them more than 2,000 years ago. People who use these magic mushrooms have a strong high, which makes them great for beginners. When you smoke Mexican Cubensis, you’ll feel happy and euphoric, and these feelings will spread to your mind as well. Besides a creative boost that will flow through your mind and give you good psychedelic ideas, nothing else will happen. But you will see things and have dreams, whether your eyes are open or closed. Lastly, changes in shapes, colors, fractals, and forms.


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What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic substance derived from certain types of mushrooms. These mushrooms are indigenous to South America, Mexico, and the United States. Mushrooms containing psilocybin typically have long, slender stems and caps with dark gills.

Psilocybin can be produced synthetically, but widespread synthetic production is currently nonexistent.

Characteristics of Psilocybin Mushrooms



Shape Long, slender stems and caps
Color Varies, but typically brown, tan, or golden
Cap Texture Smooth or slightly wrinkled
Gills Dark in color
  • Native to South America, Mexico, and the United States
  • Contains the hallucinogenic substance psilocybin
  • Appears in various shapes, colors, and textures

Psilocybin mushrooms have a long history of use in indigenous cultures throughout South America, Mexico, and the United States. They are known for their powerful psychedelic effects and have been used for religious, spiritual, and healing purposes.

How is Psilocybin Abused?

Psiolocybin mushrooms are commonly abused through oral ingestion. Users typically consume these mushrooms by either brewing them as a tea or adding them to other foods to mask their bitter flavor. Some individuals even coat the mushrooms with chocolate to make them more palatable. Once ingested, the psilocybin is broken down by the body, resulting in the production of psilocin.

Methods of Psilocybin Abuse

Psilocybin mushrooms can be abused in various ways, including:

  • Ingestion as tea: Users steep the mushrooms in hot water to create a psilocybin-infused tea, which is then consumed.
  • Integration in foods: Psilocybin mushrooms can be added to other foods such as pizzas, smoothies, or sauces, allowing users to consume them without directly experiencing their taste.
  • Chocolate coating: Some individuals choose to coat the mushrooms with chocolate, making them more appetizing and easier to consume.

These methods of consumption aim to enhance the experience or reduce the unpleasant taste of raw psilocybin mushrooms.



Ingestion as tea Psilocybin mushrooms are steeped in hot water to create a psychedelic-infused tea, which is then consumed.
Integration in foods Psilocybin mushrooms are added to various foods to mask their taste and facilitate consumption.
Chocolate coating The mushrooms are coated with chocolate to enhance taste and make them more appetizing.

Who Abuses Psilocybin?

Psilocybin mushrooms are a popular substance of abuse among teenagers and young adults. They are commonly used at social events such as raves, clubs, and college campuses. The allure of psilocybin lies in its hallucinogenic effects, which can induce altered states of perception and heightened sensory experiences.

Although it is challenging to obtain accurate data on the extent of psilocybin use in the United States, various surveys have provided insights into its prevalence among certain demographics. For instance, studies have shown that a significant percentage of high school seniors have experimented with hallucinogens, including psilocybin, at least once in their lifetime.

Usage Statistics

In a national survey conducted in 2020, it was reported that:

  • Approximately 14% of 12th graders admitted to using hallucinogens in the past year.
  • Psilocybin abuse was higher among males than females in the same age group.
  • Approximately 6% of young adults aged 18-25 admitted to using hallucinogens in the past year.

These statistics highlight the appeal of psilocybin mushrooms among younger populations. The vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of raves and clubs, coupled with the experimental nature of college campuses, often makes psilocybin an attractive option for exploration and self-discovery.

Age Group

Percentage of Users

12th Graders 14%
Young Adults (18-25) 6%

Risks and Effects of Psilocybin Use

The use of psilocybin is associated with various risks and negative effects on both the physical and psychological well-being of individuals. It is important to understand these potential consequences before considering the use of psilocybin mushrooms.

Physically, the ingestion of psilocybin mushrooms can result in several unpleasant effects. Users may experience nausea, vomiting, muscle weakness, drowsiness, and lack of coordination. These physical symptoms can range from mild discomfort to more severe reactions, depending on the dosage and individual susceptibility.

Psychologically, psilocybin use can have profound effects on a person’s mental state. One of the most common psychological consequences is the occurrence of hallucinations. These hallucinations can be intense and vivid, leading to an altered perception of reality. Users may also struggle with discerning fantasy from reality, which can be disorienting and potentially dangerous.

In some cases, individuals may experience panic reactions or even psychosis as a result of psilocybin use. Panic reactions can involve overwhelming fear, anxiety, and a sense of impending doom. Psychosis, a more severe condition, can manifest as a detachment from reality, hallucinations, delusions, and impaired thinking and behavior. These psychological consequences can be distressing and have long-lasting impacts on mental health.

14 reviews for Mexican Cubensis Mushrooms 1 Ounce

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    Insane trip, mind bending visuals

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    Did not taste bad. Very earthy. Great for beginners I would say. It was my friend’s first time and he had a great experience. Spent most of it staring at the clouds and everything looked beautiful

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    My favorite product on this site. An Amazing all overall high. Lots of giggles, when it comes on I start to yawn and then I know I’m in for some fun. A really good shrooms to watch movies on. Especially if it’s a visually colorful movie. Can’t wait to try this one while going on a walk. Take this one when I go to the club as well, makes me very silly and social.

  4. Your Alt Text


    Good experience, made me feel calm and very grounded!

  5. Your Alt Text


    They came in a well-packaged sealed bag, had great effects, and didn’t taste that horrible. Was a bit nauseous after, will try it as tea next time. Overall, was not disappointed.

  6. Your Alt Text


    Good quality. I tried 1g for the first time and was impressed with the effects.

  7. Your Alt Text


    The best mushroom experience I have ever had! Worth checking out. My friends and I are experienced with psychedelics and this blew our expectations! We had 1-1.5 grams each and were all high for 5 hours, with lots of laughs, fun visuals, and overall a warm and fuzzy body high. I would highly recommend this to both beginners and pros – you won’t be disappointed!

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    This website’s Mexican Cubensis Mushrooms are like a cosmic mentor for your mind. Psychedelic poetry in every cap, with kaleidoscopic insights. A-grade quality, stealthy shipping—unlock the portal to enlightenment! 🚀🍄

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    I first tried this shroom while camping with a great group of friends, and had an amazing experience…not just that evening, which was filled with laughter and love, but it had a marked effect on my mood for days after. I woke up the next day way earlier than I would have imagined after a crazy night and was absolutely giddy, but calmly and lovingly. I was given that dose but shortly after, bought my own. The experience and setting were quite different, and so was the trip. It was much less intense, almost disappointingly so. I am experimenting now with upping my volume (from 1gm to 2) and seeing what happens. This is a wonderful starting place for anyone who is psychedelic curious!

  10. Your Alt Text


    Mexican Cubensis is my go-to for shrooms. It never seems to take you to a bad place even tho it doesn’t shy away from anything while you’re high. Pleasant visuals and I often come away from a trip thinking about something important in a new way…still fun though 😊

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    First time using mushrooms and this was a great strain to start with! Easy to manage intake and no negative effects! Thanks a lot

  12. Your Alt Text


    I would highly recommend. I use quite frequently. The perfect balance 👌

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    I stopped taking mushrooms for more than 15 years because of a few bad trips when I was younger. I slowly eased myself into these, starting with tiny doses. After a few successful 0.5 – 1G trips, I gained a bit of confidence and tried 2.5G. It was incredible. I highly recommend this strain!

  14. Your Alt Text


    Really enjoyed these mushrooms. Took about 3 grams, put on a playlist of music and blasted off. Effects lasted for about 3h like this before returning back. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a mystical experience. If you’re new to mushrooms, start small and have someone with experience with you to help make sure the trip goes well.

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