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There is psilocybin in magic boom bars chocolate. Their 3,500 mg. psilocybin mushroom Boom Bar was made to make it easy for you to get your monthly shrooms fix. Brainstorm makes their artisanal chocolates with the greatest care and only the best ingredients from Canada. Brainstorm knows how important it is to have shroom-based goods you can trust, which is why they work hard to be consistent and of high quality. So, really, you won’t find any foodstuffs in Canada that taste better.


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Looking to expand your horizons with a twist of deliciousness? Many shroom enthusiasts are seeking out magic mushroom chocolate bars for their convenient and enjoyable way to experience psychedelics. But with so many flavors and strengths available, it can be tricky to find the right bar for you. Don’t worry! Our online store offers an exquisite selection of Magic Boom Bars chocolate, satisfying your cravings and providing an unparalleled quality and taste experience. Order yours today and indulge in the decadence of Magic Boom Bars chocolate.

At Shroom Brotherz, we understand the importance of convenience and quality. That’s why we provide a seamless shopping experience to order Magic Boom Bars chocolate from the comfort of your own home. No more searching for where to buy Magic Boom Bars chocolate or settling for subpar options. With our wide range of flavors and strengths, you can find the perfect bar to suit your preferences.

Experience the richness and indulgence of flavors like churro milk, cookies & cream, fruity cereal, and chocolate milk. Each bar is carefully crafted with all-natural ingredients and a proprietary mushroom extract blend, known for its nootropic and adaptogenic properties. This means you not only get to enjoy the deliciousness but also benefit from the cognitive enhancement and sense of well-being provided by the mushroom extracts.

Our Magic Boom Bars chocolate comes in different strengths, allowing you to choose the level of indulgence you desire. Whether you’re looking for a mild buzz, serious elevation, or an otherworldly experience, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t miss out on the irresistible flavors and unmatched quality of Magic Boom Bars chocolate. Visit our online store today and order your favorite bars to embark on a delightful journey of sensory pleasure.

Explore a Variety of Flavors and Strengths

Shroom Brotherz offers a range of flavors and strengths to suit your preferences. Whether you’re a fan of rich and creamy churro milk, cookies & cream, fruity cereal, or classic chocolate milk, we have the perfect flavor for you. Each bar is carefully crafted with all-natural ingredients and a proprietary mushroom extract blend, known for its nootropic and adaptogenic properties. With options for mild buzz, serious elevation, or an otherworldly experience, you can find your perfect level of indulgence. Browse our selection and order your favorite Magic Boom Bars chocolate online today.

The Benefits of Churro Milk Chocolate

Our top pick in the magic chocolate universe is the churro milk flavor. Crafted with a rich and creamy taste, it provides a unique and indulgent experience. The proprietary mushroom extract blend in this bar offers not only a delightful flavor but also various benefits.

The churro milk chocolate is known for its nootropic and adaptogenic properties, providing cognitive enhancement and a sense of well-being. With its new stronger formula, this bar ensures potent effects while still delivering a smooth consistency. The packaging also provides clear intake suggestions, giving you peace of mind and an accurate dosage.

Experience the unparalleled quality and taste of our churro milk Magic Boom Bars chocolate by ordering online today.

Discover the Delights of Cookies & Cream Chocolate

If you’re looking for a chocolate experience that takes things to a new level, the cookies & cream flavor is a must-try. Each bar contains 15 squares of rich chocolate, enhanced with our proprietary mushroom extracts blend. The new stronger formula ensures increased effectiveness, delivering a more intense experience.

Made with all-natural ingredients, this chocolate bar provides a pure and potent indulgence. With different levels of buzz based on the squares consumed, you can customize your experience and enjoy the creamy and delicious taste of cookies & cream Magic Boom Bars chocolate.

Order yours online now.

Feature Description
Flavor Cookies & Cream
Chocolate Type Rich, enhanced with mushroom extracts blend
Strength New stronger formula for increased effectiveness
Ingredients All-natural
Squares per Bar 15

Boost Focus and Mood with Fruity Cereal Chocolate

For a delightful twist that combines childhood nostalgia with adult sophistication, try our fruity cereal flavor. Each bar contains 15 squares of mind-melting chocolate, made with all-natural ingredients. The proprietary blend of mushroom extracts, including nootropics and adaptogens, enhances focus, memory, and mood.

Indulge in the benefits of:

  • Mind-melting chocolate: Our fruity cereal chocolate provides a unique and elevated experience, perfect for those looking for a delicious way to boost their focus and mood.
  • All-natural ingredients: We prioritize using high-quality ingredients to ensure the purest and most flavorful chocolate.
  • Different levels of buzz: Our fruity cereal Magic Boom Bars chocolate offers various levels of intensity based on the squares consumed. Customize your experience to fit your preferences.
  • Psychotropic effects: Caution is advised when consuming our fruity cereal chocolate due to its tryptamine pre-blend, which may cause psychotropic effects. Approach with enthusiasm and mindfulness.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add an exciting element to your daily routine. Experience the indulgence and benefits of our fruity cereal Magic Boom Bars chocolate by ordering online today.

Benefits Features
Mind-melting chocolate Each bar contains 15 squares for a unique and elevated experience
All-natural ingredients Prioritizing high-quality ingredients for the purest and most flavorful chocolate
Different levels of buzz Customize your experience with varied levels of intensity based on the squares consumed
Psychotropic effects Caution advised due to tryptamine pre-blend

Enhance Creativity and Focus with Chocolate Milk Bars

Indulge in the world of confectionary delights with our chocolate milk flavor. Each bar contains 15 pieces of mind-melting chocolate, crafted with a potent formula for an intense experience. Made with all-natural ingredients, this chocolate bar provides a boost to creativity and focus.

The new and improved formula delivers even more potent effects with every bite. The combination of rich chocolate and carefully selected mushroom extracts stimulates your senses, enhancing your ability to think creatively and stay focused on your tasks. Experience the mind-melting chocolate that takes your productivity to a new level.

Enjoy the rich and satisfying taste of chocolate milk Magic Boom Bars chocolate and elevate your everyday with this unique and indulgent treat. Say goodbye to bland and ordinary chocolate and embrace the power of nature’s gifts. Order online now and immerse yourself in the mind-melting experience of our potent formula. Let your creativity flow and reach new heights with our chocolate milk bars.

8 reviews for Magic Boom Bars Chocolate

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    Good chocolate taste and Nice effects

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    Kimberlee Koolchick

    Thank you, great customer service, product, and shipping

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    Great quality… I tried 0.8 and the music was very intense.. a trippy moment..!

  4. blank


    I bought a large package of these, so I’ve had quite a few experiences with them at this point. I have to say, they’re not my favorite. That’s based on the body high they give, which is kind of a strange buzzing sensation for me, and a little bit unnerving at times. They work quickly and are potent, but they aren’t as visual as I’d like. If a straight body high is what you’re looking for though, these fit that. They also taste horrible! But, that’s to be expected. I made tea with some that weren’t bad though.

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    Magic Boom Bars Chocolate. This has my best friend and I happily lying in the grass on a rainy day. You feel calm, insightful, and happy. It’s impossible to be stressed consuming this guy. Love her. I’m going to buy it again

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    The perfect entry level shrooms for a pleasant trip; I think everyone should start here. Two grams made for a very enjoyable trip. Felt comfortable in body and enjoyed great visuals with eyes closed. Unbeatable pricing.

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    What are frogs?

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