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  • Buy ONE UP Gummies

    One Up Gummies


    It really does feel like you’re in Mario’s DMZ when you eat these tasty sweets. The high is clean, and the way they work is tasty. You no longer have to suffer while taking shrooms because you can barely taste them! Peaks between 20 and 30 minutes into the show and lasts for up to three hours. People who like psilocybin love the bars because they have bright pictures and make people feel happy and energised at high doses.

  • One Up Mushroom Bars

    One Up Mushroom Bars


    Before you buy One Up Mushroom Bar online, what should you know? Since the 1300s, psychedelic chocolate mushroom bars have been one of the world’s oldest and safest traditional drugs. Because of this, One Up Shroom Bars come in a lot of different tastes. Each bar has 3.5 grams of shrooms, which is a good amount to take in small amounts if your tolerance is low or nonexistent. So, it’s best to share the great experience with family and close friends.

  • Penis Envy Chocolates

    Penis Envy Chocolates


    These are amazing chocolate treats that are made with the very famous Penis Envy Cubensis shroom strain. Also, they look like little chocolate bites that are separately wrapped, and each pack has 1 gram of Penis Envy Cubensis. You will see why there aren’t many others like it outside of this one.

  • Polka Dot magic mushroom chocolate bar

    Polka Dot Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar


    Chocolate that will make you want to face your day or turn it into an adventure Polkadot Mushroom Belgian Chocolate Couverture, depending on how you take it. It tastes great and has the same amount of Psilocybin and Psilocin as 4 grams of psychedelic mushrooms. So, besides the full-on high you get from eating a lot of chocolate, these are good for people who like to take small amounts of drugs.*** You can eat one square at a time, and the chocolate hides the taste of the mushrooms. Now on sale at Shroom Brotherz since Washington, DC no longer prosecutes people who use magic mushrooms.

  • PSI Chocolate Chocolate Bar

    PSI Chocolate Chocolate Bar


    When gushers are trying out medicated fruit treats. First, try a small amount, like one or two pieces. Then, wait up to an hour to see how beneficial it is. So, make up your mind if you want to eat more airheads foods. Psilocybin chocolate treats have different effects on different people in Virginia. How much you can handle does matter, as does your body weight and energy.

  • Psilo – Psilocybin Mushroom Gummy Cubes 3.5g

    Psilo – Psilocybin Mushroom Gummy Cubes 3.5g


    PSILO can help you use your mind to its fullest. microdosing, which is another name for sub-perceptual amounts. focuses on the brain’s pathways to improve cognitive function, sharpen focus, and boost imagination. Many people think of it as a productivity hack that makes you smarter and more productive at work. and always be ahead of the curve. Get more out of your daily life by getting into your “flow state” and improving your mood and ability to think deeply.

  • punch bar box Assorted 50 – Pack Chocolate Box

    Punch Bar Box Assorted 50 – Pack Chocolate Box


    If you’re looking for a delicious assortment of chocolates, look no further than our Punch Bar Box Assorted 50-Pack Chocolate Box. Indulge in a scrumptious variety of flavors and textures, from rich dark chocolate to creamy milk chocolate.

  • Shroom Blend Microdose Caps

    Shroom Blend Microdose Caps


    We’ve liked MasterMind for a long time, but the prices have always been too high for many people to bear. We’ve also been getting a lot of bad reviews about possible quality problems from Shroom Brotherz users over the last few months. Another thing we were looking for was a new name for micro-dosing. We chose myco labs. They now have a lot of goods that are like MasterMind for almost half the price they used to cost. The quality has also been great in every test we’ve done.

  • Space caps psychedelic chocolate

    Space Caps Psychedelic Chocolate


    There are four grams of magic mushrooms in each of the space caps psychedelic chocolate, psychedelic mushroom, and chocolate bars for sale. Within 20 to 30 minutes of eating it, you will experience a distorting of space and time, vivid, beautiful colors, magical experiences, euphoria, and happiness. The delicious flavors of Belgian chocolate are perfect for everyone to choose from. As a result, Psilocybin or magic mushrooms are good for your health in many ways. It could be used to help depression, PTSD, and addiction to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, among other things.

  • THC Party Mix Gummies by Bliss

    THC Party Mix Gummies By Bliss


    Want to try something new when you smoke weed? Bliss’s Party Mix Gummies are the best of all worlds when it comes to taste, strength, and usefulness. These treats are made with 100% natural THC that comes from weed. They will quickly become your new favorite way to get high.

  • THC Tropical Gummies by Bliss

    THC Tropical Gummies By Bliss


    You would never guess that some of the world’s best cannabis cooks are busy making gummies with a tropical flavour. In fact, that’s exactly what’s happening with these Tropical gummies that contain THC.

  • Tri-Colour Equadorian Chocolates

    Tri-Colour Equadorian Chocolates


    If you want to buy shroom chocolate bars online, you should know that they don’t taste like normal chocolate bars. But one thing that will surprise you is how strong it is. How strong its affects are and what the experience is like. Also, just because Tri-Colour Equadorian comes in this tasty food form doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect a dreamy trip.