Albino Penis Envy

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(APE), which is also called ALBINO PENIS ENVY, is a very special type of Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushroom. This mushroom is a cross between Penis Envy and another type. This mushroom strain is also very strong, like Albino PF. Even so, this type of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms isn’t making as much as other strains. The height of this type is not very tall. Also, very thick and takes a long time to grow. Because the caps don’t show their gills, it’s hard to get the germs. These spores are also clear, and albino penis envy is thought to be the best “novelty mushroom.” Because of this, it is best to get a clone from a nice cluster because the yield will be higher.


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22 reviews for Albino Penis Envy

  1. Dylan

    I use albino penis envy for microdosing and they work wonderfully. I take them in .15 and .3 denominations. The smaller dose works well for me when I’m working or charting out music or even working physically in my yard. The .3 I take to “party,” mostly gets me in a nice mood with minimal change in perception, however just enough to have fun and love a little more. Played music till sunrise with a .3 every couple of hours and didn’t get sleepy at all. Classic strain with great reliable effects. Always in my regular rotation! Will buy more again when it’s in stock!

  2. blank


    This product was so amazing, I took it when I was at the cottage with my friends we had so many laughs on stupid sh*tt really enjoyed my trip x2 days in a row Comedy movie reactions were hilarious and entertaining body high was so relaxing it felt so relax, I experienced purple patterns all around for a good hour when it hit. I want to spread the word get this and you will not regret this, thumbs up!

  3. blank


    Excellent product. Package seals nicely

  4. blank


    Always a nice trip, ordering some more right now!

  5. blank


    I bought these Albino Penis Envy mushrooms to help with my depression. I have a capsule filler so I make my own capsules now (150-180mg) to use for micro-dosing. I haven’t used them extensively enough to give a definitive review as to how it has benefited me; although…. the consensus is that psilocybin (and mushrooms in general) have tremendous healing potential. I am very grateful for psilocybin and I look forward to micro-dosing to assist me with my mental/emotional regulation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. blank


    I’m new to shrooms, but I enjoyed my experience with these.
    Helped me to focus and think about some things that had been troubling me. Not a fan of the taste, but that’s just the nature of mushrooms! What I do is soak mine in a few spoonfuls of warm water for 15 minutes before consuming it.

  7. blank


    Definitely easy to ingest (lacking the typical manure taste), fast acting, less colourful than some but a nice healthy strong peak, definite out of body experience on seven or more grams. Will get more!

  8. blank

    Anthony j

    Exactly what I wanted, making another order soon.

  9. blank


    I enjoyed the Albino Penis Envy shrooms. I got 3 servings out of 3.5gs. Made for 3 great nights! Will order again. A+ product

  10. blank


    Amazing Albino Penis Envy. I’ve tripped 4x before, always with cubensis I think. My first time using these with 2g lemon-tek, I almost felt like I was never entering back into the regular world. The high and lastest are super long. The subsequent time I used these, I had more of a shorter regular trip, no ego death, but still amazing and good vibes. These always make me cry from emotion. A couple of first-timers I took this with (same dosage

  11. blank


    I enjoyed these, took some tries to find the right dose. Maybe start with a gram for a chill buzz see how you feel and add more next time. 3 grams was pretty good, but the smell is hard to take. I grained it and mixed it into Jello to mask the taste and make it easier to eat.

  12. blank


    These are perfect for a long walk in nature. They taste good and have a nice introspective high. I take 1.5-2 grams and I’m thrilled with the result. The high is a lengthy one with a nice predictable come-down. I would recommend these Golden Teachers for sure.

  13. blank


    Good old faithful. Does the job and does the job right. Has helped me through loss and joys giving me insight into why anxiety used to bother me so much. If you’re going through it, I would suggest these bad boys to help you figure things out.

  14. blank


    I always have a good time with Albino Penis Envy. Great price and the experiences I get are confounding.

  15. blank


    I’m new to shrooms, but I enjoyed my experience with these.
    It helped me to focus and think about some things that had been troubling me. I’m not a fan of the taste, but that’s just the nature of mushrooms! I soak mine in a few spoonfuls of warm water for 15 minutes before consuming it.

  16. blank


    Pretty chill

  17. blank


    I first bought mushrooms to laugh with friends. After experiencing one of the best nights of my life, not only did I have a good night but the next day I felt like a changed person, I felt this way for weeks. I felt happier, I felt like I could see the world better. I was more relaxed and less anxious. While on the mushrooms I felt like I could see my true self and true feelings towards the world and friends. I didn’t take many, small amounts and a bit more throughout the night if needed. I can recommend Albino Penis Envy to anyone, they’re fun but also medicating. I use to like harder drugs, but after so many positives experiences, in many ways. I’ve learned that mushrooms are my favourite buzz, especially because it leaves you feeling positively changed, for up to many weeks.

  18. blank


    I love this. It’s my favorite! I really recommend this mush for people who are beginners! I made it try to all my friends for the first time and they really had a good trip. Also, the company is really professional. 5 stars

  19. blank


    Amazing high every time

  20. blank


    Tasted a bit chewy but it was a great mood booster and helped me get some energy.

  21. blank


    Top notch and life affirming product

  22. blank


    These were great, had been a long time since I had done any, was concerned but took a bit at a time till my dose felt right. It was perfect for me

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