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B+ cubensis completes the drug experience by making you more creative, which makes you happy. It doesn’t take long for the high and happiness that you feel after eating a piece of B+ to wear off. The results aren’t crazy, though. In fact, B+ is a very forgiving strain that lets people who have never tried cannabis before enjoy a calm and controlled journey into fantasy. The experience is really one of a kind!


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When it comes to purchasing psychedelic mushrooms, B+ Cubensis is a popular strain among enthusiasts. Its unique properties and effects make it highly sought after, and for good reason. B+ Cubensis is known for its potent psychedelic experience characterized by a deep sense of euphoria, introspection, and spiritual insight.

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23 reviews for B+Cubensis

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    Nadalyn R

    Absolutely stunning product, powerful and connected to one self, definitely 10/10

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    it’s already so hard to express myself when sober but i just feel so damn happy.

    It’s my first time doing mush so i was confused at first but then i started understanding more what mush do (i was also smoking pot cause i’m a big smoker) and felt it more.
    the only way i can explain is it feels like when you’re extremely tired and you try hard to not fall asleep, you see little things but the only definition i can give is the visual is soft but it’s there.
    i feel light and like a giant, especially when i stand up, but deeply it feels like hey i have more power than i think, i’m stronger
    and as i said, i feel happy, it’s hard to not smile or giggle. but i’m alone right now waiting for my partner so i know it’s gonna be nice.
    feels like i’m a bit drunk, but make sure to eat and drink water!

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    Dennis Easton

    No point in rating every time. They are consistently amazing!!!

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    Looking forward to trying again

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    These are everything they say they are.

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    Love this B+Cubensis! Best of all 🙂

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    They came in a well-packaged sealed bag, had great effects, and didn’t taste that horrible. Was a bit nauseous after, will try it as tea next time. Overall, was not disappointed.

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    Tried these shrooms after over a decade without psychedelics… ate about 1-1.5g’s… had a blast of a night! Will def reorder in the future. A+ product!?

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    Amazing mushroom to microdose with! They have helped me to surface suppressed emotions and create a healthy healing experience while maintaining a sense of inner peace within. I would order again!!

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    Great starter mushroom. Perfect for microdosing, but also great for when you want to take a few grams and enjoy the visuals and chill vibes! One of my favorite mushrooms for sure.

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    A friend and I took 3.5 each and had the most blissed-out, funny high we’ve ever had from shrooms. We didn’t have much access to nature, but we felt up for going to a city park and could perceive the fractal patterns in the trees at a new level. We’re planning to take 5g of Golden Teachers for our next trip and find better nature access. He has felt more noticeably positive in the week since, though I haven’t noticed any lasting impact. The flavor was also quite mild compared to most mushrooms due to how nice and dry they were. They went down easy with peanut butter and graham crackers.

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    Soft! It’s a nice mellow trip! I recommend this strain for beginners. A little visual effect, geometric patterns. I love it!❤️

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    I’m always on the fence about leaving reviews for certain things but when you find something great, you should spread the word so others can truly benefit from it These mushrooms are simply the best all-around mushroom experience I’ve ever had last time I took 3 grams and the trip was 3 to 4 hours long great body high and the visuals were awesome not enough to freak a person out but right in that sweet spot to leave a person in awe of the surroundings and to gain a new perspective on life the next day, this truly helped me after the covid lockdowns a 5-star product

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    Wonderful visuals when looking at patterns. Slight nausea, so eat by themself (I put it in a smoothie and the amount of mass wasn’t great. Quite potent. I’d say at least 1.5 times as much.
    Felt the need to exert myself physically, got super giddy euphoric feelings, and really enjoyed touching a soft blanket. Also felt the need to clean and just do things I could visually tell got done.

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    Perfect beginner shroom imo. You get to experience good visuals followed by a period of introspection. I found these were not as potent as some strains so would recommend them to people looking to see what mushrooms are all about without having to worry if you will end up in a different dimension lol

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    I’ve used this product twice now and both times were amazing. They are strong so start slow! But we’ll be worth it. This company always comes through!

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    Loved it! Had a nice experience with friends. Recommend it 👌🏻

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    I prefer the Golden teachers over other types of mushrooms. It’s the most fun, best experience and easy to manage compared to others I’ve tried here. Previous orders were were great but my last order, there was no ‘magic’. I’m not sure if I got a bad batch but I hope my next order won’t be a dud.

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    I bought these for microdosing! They are great for daily use, the taste isn’t terrible and it hides well. I would recommend these for anyone, but I would say they are a definitely good option for those new to mushrooms.

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    I’ve been using these B+Cubensis for microdosing for many months. I tend to take 150mg every 3 days. There’s no high at this small dose but I find myself much more resilient to daily stress, especially on the day I take the dose. I think I’ll start taking a smaller dose every day to see what effect that has on my general mood and outlook. Great quality mushrooms for sure!

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    Beautiful stuff. Balanced, fun, introspective, positive.

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    I have been using B+Cubensis for quite a while these past few months when microdosing and it’s been a great improvement in my overall mood change and not too mention my improvements in mental health and concentration helping my ADHD immensely. Flavour wise is not that bad if you want to eat it raw per se, but I would suggest trying them with some peanut butter, that helped me a lot in eating them without the need of feeling like a chore.

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    B+Cubensis is my go to strain. I find the visuals are much stronger without the usual nausea I experience. The world turns technicolour while I experience a calmness and deeper connection to nature and all that is.

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