Brazilian Cubensis 1 Ounce

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Brazilian cubenes are a type of magic plant that usually grows in Brazil and a few other South American countries. This strain is a great example of a Psylocibe Cubensis strain that is pretty strong. These mushroom types give you a moderate high that isn’t too strong or too weak, which makes them great for first-timers. You can easily tell this type of psilocybe cubensis apart from other strains by the big, fruity mushrooms they produce, which have bigger caps and shorter stems.

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At Shroom Brotherz, we offer customers the opportunity to buy Brazilian Cubensis online and experience the natural magic it has to offer. Brazilian Cubensis is a top choice for many magic mushroom enthusiasts due to its unique properties and effects.

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20 reviews for Brazilian Cubensis 1 Ounce

  1. Phillip L

    Always a good choice

  2. blank



  3. blank


    Love this product! This is our go-to variety. I find the effect the best, if you eat a good wholesome meal mid-day, then eat on an empty stomach later on. Everything is very vivid, great for conversation, and tons of laughter. I always order from this company as they are fast and I love how quickly they arrive. These are perfect if you want to really appreciate life and gratitude;)

  4. blank


    Shroom Brotherz Never Disappoints! Brazilian Cubensis are lit! I bought them because I wanted to experience a mind-bending trip, and they did not disappoint. The taste was kind of earthy and mushroomy, but that’s to be expected with shrooms, you know? The effects kicked in after about half an hour, and it was like a whole new world opened up in front of me. Colors were brighter, sounds were clearer, and I felt this incredible sense of connection to everything around me. I spent hours exploring my own mind and the universe, and it was truly awe-inspiring. I also felt like the experience helped me deal with some personal issues and gain a new perspective on my life. I would definitely recommend Brazilian Cubensis to anyone who wants to experience the power of psychedelics. Just make sure you do your research, start with a small dose, and have a safe and comfortable environment to trip in.

  5. blank


    Buying this as an experienced shroomhead. I was quite turned off by the potency of this strain. Great for beginners I guess.

  6. blank

    blake miller

    This is my first experience with Golden Teachers so maybe I’m no judge, but they seemed potent and lasting. I grind them into small flakes and swish them in a glass of water. I’ll be ordering more soon

  7. blank


    I enjoyed the Golden Teacher shrooms. I got 3 servings out of 3.5gs. Made for 3 great nights! Will order again. A+ product

  8. blank


    Ordered 3.5g and was happy to find it weighed out closer to 4. Bought them for microdosing purposes. Not the strongest fungi available, but they do the trick and I did feel noticeable effects from 300mg.

  9. blank


    Been using these for micro-dosing…They are great. Made up some gummies and caramels with them…. OMG…Perfect for day-tripping…Thanks

  10. blank


    Perfect starter shrooms. I’ve been doing shrooms for about 6 or 7 years now. Sometimes microdosing for periods or just taking a bunch and tripping. Golden teachers were the first shrooms I’ve ever done and I still do them because they’re fucking sweet

  11. blank


    These are excellent all-around mushrooms for beginners and experts alike. I bought an ounce to share with friends when they were on sale for some weird Halloween vibes, and everyone enjoyed their time with them. On a 2-gram dose, I experienced some mild visuals accompanied by a sense of deep understanding, and when it was time to sleep I felt what can only be described as a loving, goddess-like embrace as I drifted off into dreamland. Would highly recommend these mushrooms to anyone, and the price is right so they are great value in that sense as well.

  12. blank

    Patrick Schneider

    Well, let’s see. Normally, I would never even buy these, but they were on sale and blah, blah, blah, I bought some. They showed up. They were lame looking. Thin blue stalks and plenty of smaller caps. They tasted awful like dirty laundry smells. We ate them, a couple of grams each. Now, I didn’t find them overly impressive, but my girlfriend liked them. She was laughing it up and she was reporting seeing things quite often in her side views. All in all, for what they cost and what it’s worth, these were pretty decent and a fun time. Enjoy!!

  13. blank


    Made these into 1/2 gram chocolates I’ve been taking a couple of times a week and I must say I’ve noticed a profound improvement in my overall mood.

  14. blank


    This is bussing on gawd

  15. blank


    What a great purchase. I have purchased Golden Teachers a few times now, and usually, I macrodose between 2-4g. The visuals are fascinating, and the feeling is bliss. Usually, my macrodose lasts between 4-6h. I have noticed since taking this strain, I have been less depressed and I was only taking them around once a month, if that. I am glad I found this community and greatly benefited from the products.

  16. blank


    Good old Brazilian Cubensis gotta love them. Never had a bad experience with these teachers before. The potency is always good, never too strong and never too weak, just perfect. Extremely euphoric effects a couple of hours after eating them, couldn’t stop laughing, everything was wonderful. Colors are bright and it feels as though the universe is gently wrapping you up in a blanket and taking you on a journey. Shroom Brotherz always has good shrooms, I always buy from them. Low-dose teas for a nice night in, or a few grams for exploration into your mind

  17. blank


    No notes. These led to a great psychedelic experience. They came vacuum-sealed and in full order. It’s a good mix of caps and stems. I would probably agree that Brazilian Cubensis mushrooms are touted as solid, general-use mushrooms.

  18. blank


    very nice high! Had a great sensory trip and everything did have a golden glow! My cat was so beautiful!

  19. blank


    Nice to have the option of purchasing shrooms online. It used to be that you had to know someone who knew someone to find them! These were great – doing is small portion – amazing buzz that did not take too log to lick in. Check them out!

  20. blank


    I wanted to try mushrooms for the first time and these seemed to have good reviews. Out on a camping trip I took a small dose in the morning ~1g and took ~2g in the evening and had a great experience. Mild visuals around the camp fire and under the stars. The night was filled with non stop laughter with the group and everyone was happy abs having a good time. Will be ordering again!

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